Speech, Language and Behavioral Therapy
Michelle Hass, MA, CCC-SLP, L/BCBA, M.Ed.
Speech/Language Pathologist, Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst & Autism Specialist
Billing & Fees
Initial Meeting/Screening
(45-60 min.)
Informal Speech/Language Assessment
(1 -1 1/2 hours)
Comprehensive Speech/Language Assessment
(2-2 1/2 hours)
Comprehensive Behavioral Assessment
(2+ hours)
$320 starting (2 hours + report)
May require additional time at $120/hr.
Individual Behavioral Therapy/Consultation
Individual Speech/Language Therapy
$106 for 60 minute sessions
$80 for 45 minute sessions
Continuing Education/Trainings
$300 for up to 30 people for 1 1/2 hours
*Handouts provided
*$15/person for each additional person
Billing & Reimbursement Requests
Communication Counts does not bill insurance companies directly, nor does it act as a participating provider for any insurance plans.  You will be billed directly on a bi-monthly or monthly basis (depending of frequency of intervention) and payment will be directly to the provider.  You will be provided with an invoice for services provided that will contain all necessary information to submit to your insurance company if you choose to request out of network reimbursement at a later date.  Some insurance companies will work with members; but all plans are different.  Reimbursement is a matter between you and your insurance company, and it is strongly recommended that you check with your provider directly for questions regarding coverage before initiating services if this is an option you would like to pursue.

Please contact Michelle Hass, MA, CCC-SLP, L/BCBA, M.Ed. with any questions at:
[email protected]