Speech, Language and Behavioral Therapy
Michelle Hass, MA, CCC-SLP, L/BCBA, M.Ed.
Speech/Language Pathologist, Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst & Autism Specialist
*Due to the unique combination of expertise of the provider, some services may be modified to best serve the client and family's needs.
  1. Initial Meeting/Screening
    *Includes 45-60 minute appointment with parents, observation and informal interaction with child *Helps determine what/if additional information, evaluations or observations are needed to determine future goals for family and child intervention
  2. Speech & Language Evaluation
    *Informal Evaluation consists of review of records of any previous assessments, medical or educational documents, parent report and informal interaction with child *Comprehensive Evaluation consists of standardized assessment(s), longer interaction with the child and may take 1-2 sessions. *Both types of evaluations include a written report including recommendations and goals
  3. Speech & Language Intervention
    *Direct speech/language therapy typically occurs in 45-60 minute sessions depending on the age and needs of the child. *Intervention typically occurs 1-2 times a week and information will be provided to the families for generalization practice in order to facilitate faster progress *Parents will be provided with measurable objectives & frequent progress monitoring
  4. Behavioral & Social/Emotional Assessment
    *Depending on the needs established during the initial meeting, may include more detailed parent interview, observations in one or more natural settings, collaboration with other professionals and/or caregivers, and direct assessment of skills *Parents may be asked to collect behavioral data for a period of time in order to best determine intervention direction *Written summary and/or Positive Behavior Support Plan included at conclusion *Complete assessments vary from 2-4 hours depending on the needs of the child
  5. Behavioral & Social/Emotional Intervention/Consultation
    *Information gathered during assessment period will determine if direct, indirect therapy with the child is indicated and the frequency of which this should occur. *Parent training, consultation regarding home behavior supports is frequently recommended *Consultation with school teams, family members, other professionals often warranted *Direct intervention includes social and play skill instructions, ABA, VB, DTI, PRT, NET, ESDM, FCT as determined by the needs of the child. *Development, monitoring & modification of behavior plans
  6. Continuing Education/Trainings
    *Workshops offered on such topics as speech/language development, behavior management in the home and school settings, autism spectrum disorders, Verbal Behavior Intervention, visual supports in the classroom, positive behavior supports, and more! *Workshops provided for groups of professionals, school faculties, parent groups *Most workshops 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length depending on content
Please contact Michelle Hass, MA, CCC-SLP, L/BCBA, M.Ed. with any questions at:
[email protected]